Here are some additional links to Renewable Energy related information.

Alternative Energy News
A website devoted to news and information about renewable energy.

Solar Energy International
This is the place to learn nuts and bolts of Renewable Energy construction and installation. Whether you want to just build your own or go into the business for yourself, SEI has a course that will suit you.

Do-It Yourself Solar projects
A great list of links to interesting solar projects, homes and other projects. Focuses primarily on solar thermal.

FreeSunPower provides FREE beginner & advanced tutorials for solar energy systems plus interactive online design tools for system sizing, battery wiring, and more. You can also test drive their Solar Energy Electric System Simulation.

Renewable Energy Technologies
The Sandia National Laboratories Website!

Sandia National Laboraties photovoltaic website
The folks at Sandia asked me to add this one to the list also.

Home Power Magazine
Without a doubt, the best source for solar information on the web or in print. They make their magazine available free for download in PDF format. They also have all back issues available on 4 CD-ROMS for a great reference on all aspects of alternative energy and solar construction. These folks deserve our support!

Mr. Solar Home Page
Charlie Collins, AKA "Mr. Solar" has a lot of information on this site, I just wish his grammar and spelling would improve.

Steve Spence's Green Trust site
This is a site with good information on a range of renewable energy related topics. Steve's been doing this a long time and knows his stuff.

Midwest Renewable Energy Association
These guys are definitely worth a look. This is one of the biggest energy fairs in the country and after reading all the write-ups in Home Power magazine I've finally managed to plan a trip there. I highly recommend them as a source for the latest information as well as scheduled classes in renewable energy design and construction.

HyperPower USA Here's a website that sells reconditioned AGM batteries of the type I used for a time. The Long Duration Series batteries by Dynasty are great batteries and I'm glad to see someone taking the intitiative to turn recycling them into a business. Definitely worth a look if you're interested in batteries.

The Northern Arizona Wind and Sun web site.
A great resource.

Welcome to Wattsun Solar Trackers
The home page for a manufacturer of tracking devices for photovoltaic panels. Very useful in certain applications (though a bit pricey).

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